USC Lusk Center for Real Estate Programs

n alumnus of the University of Southern California (USC), James Kasim is a CPA with two decades of experience in financial fields such as investor relations, tax strategies, and capital markets. Over his distinguished career in various C-suite roles, James Kasim has also served as an adjunct professor at USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, where he taught a course on the structuring, taxation, and reporting of real estate entities.

The Lusk Center for Real Estate offers two programs: the Casden Real Estate Economics Forecast and the Ross Minority Program in Real Estate Finance and Development. The Casden forecast focuses directly on the Los Angeles real estate market and how it is shaped through policy, planning, and development. The ultimate goal is to provide education with supporting research that helps with future decision making processes that affect the Los Angeles real estate market.

The Ross Minority Program includes studies in all areas of urban development. Providing insight into how industry professionals work together to meet the technical aspects of urban real estate projects, this program is an essential part of the other urban development programs offered by the USC Lusk Center.


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