The Ernst & Young Difference in Employee Management

Ernst & Young  pic
Ernst & Young

Between 1994 and 2005, James Kasim had the opportunity to work at the multinational service company Ernst & Young (EY), during which time he served a number of major Los Angeles-based public companies. In 1998, the EY Kenneth Leventhal Group conferred James Kasim an outstanding achievement award in recognition of his work.

A company that profits from delivering to its customers insight and value, EY is known for providing performance-based incentives to its employees as a form of gratitude for contributing to its success. In addition to their salaries, EY provides its employees benefits, including a choice of quality health-care coverage, several plans for savings and retirement, financial and legal insurance, considerable time off work, support for working families, and professional development opportunities. Additional life management benefits include employee discounts, commuter benefits, and flexible working arrangements, among other perks.

The company points to a number of intangible rewards that employees gain. For example, employees benefit from a cultivated global mindset, unique experiences, and an inculcated entrepreneurial culture.


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