James Kasim Interview on Commercial Real Estate Investments

Commercial Real Estate Investments pic
Commercial Real Estate Investments
Image: entrepreneur.com

James Kasim is a respected California Certified Public Accountant who has extensive experience in the financial reporting and corporate finance spheres. Interviewed by Debt and Equity Journal, James Kasim spoke about his role in guiding commercial real estate investment activities.

Mr. Kasim noted that the acquisitions he led focused on hotel assets that were large and stable. With an emphasis on turnarounds, he sought out “value-added opportunities” in regional markets that combined fundamental strength with limited property supply. His emphasis was on improving asset value at the operational and guest-experience levels. Mr. Kasim spoke of avoiding investments in underperforming properties located in markets where the regional economy was not conducive to strong revenue growth.

Mr. Kasim also addressed the process of securing loans in the real estate investment sphere. He observed that heightened competition among lenders resulted in greater efficiencies at all transactional levels. This encompassed terms and pricing, as well as the timeframe associated with the closing process.


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