The MBA Program at USC Marshall School of Business

USC Marshall School of Business pic
USC Marshall School of Business

Throughout his career of more than two decades, James Kasim has garnered extensive experience as a financial executive and capital markets specialist through his work with a number of commercial real estate and accounting firms. While serving as senior manager at Ernst & Young, LLP, James Kasim earned his masters in business administration (MBA) with honors from the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business.

USC offers a diverse array of MBA programs through its Marshall School of Business. From a part-time degree path for working professionals to a program for global executives, the university can accommodate the educational needs of all its students. Individuals can also pursue their MBA through the school’s traditional curriculum, which includes full-time classes taken over the course of 20 months.

This MBA program is designed to benefit professionals who are early in their careers by providing them with a unique education that covers all areas of business. During the first term, students pursue classes in such basics as marketing and accounting before completing an exam with a real client from Los Angeles. The second term provides students with experience in global business, after which they complete a compulsory 10-day real-life learning experience at an international company or governmental entity. Each of these modules aims to better prepare business professionals for careers both in the United States and abroad.


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