The Requirements for Becoming a CPA

CPA Requirements pic
CPA Requirements

A longtime financial executive, James Kasim has served as treasurer and chief financial officer of a prominent commercial real estate company for the last six years. Complementing his professional work, James Kasim has maintained designation as a certified public accountant (CPA) since 1994.

CPAs work for a variety of entities ranging from governmental institutions to business services companies, typically completing all facets of accounting work. In order to earn recognition as one of these trusted financial specialists, individuals must first complete a lengthy process. While each state and territory develops its own rules for becoming a CPA, those seeking certification generally need to fulfill the “Three Es.”

CPA requirements state that applicants must hold acceptable educational experience, which usually means that they have earned a bachelor’s degree and completed 150 hours of university classes. Candidates must also possess two or more years of experience working under a professional CPA. Those who meet both of these requirements may then sit for the CPA exam, which is standardized across the country and includes four sections on various accounting principles. Some jurisdictions also require that candidates finish an ethics exam before they may earn their license.


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