Why Technology is Good for CPAs

CPAs and Technology pic
CPAs and Technology
Image: smallbusiness.chron.com

Possessing more than two decades’ experience in accounting and taxation, James Kasim holds a certified public accountant (CPA) credential in the state of California and is also a former member of the California State Board of Accountancy’s Report Quality Monitoring Committee. Leveraging his expertise, James Kasim constantly monitors trends in accounting and taxation.

The advent of more robust accounting software over the past two decades may have seemed to indicate that the demand for qualified CPAs in the marketplace would decrease. The truth, however, is that automation of the more commonplace accounting practices has freed up CPAs to offer more of their advice and expertise to business owners.

It’s no secret that the IRS is beginning to embrace automation. In fact, the agency is looking more toward this type of technology to initiate audits and investigations, and in the future hopes to completely automate the entire tax return process.

Some might view this as a negative trend for the profession, but taxes are only one aspect of the the job. Having that responsibility alleviated actually allows CPAs to develop a more personalized approach to their clients’ needs. CPAs will eventually become freed up enough to give better advice to clients by analyzing key data and metrics, ultimately providing them with next-level service.


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