CBA Invites Unique Speakers to January 2016 Meeting

California Board of Accountancy pic
California Board of Accountancy

Having spent 20 years in the financial industry in various leadership roles, James Kasim is an accomplished professional in the state of California. With a BS from California State University in accounting and business administration and an MBA from the University of Southern California, James Kasim is also a CPA and a CMA who served on the Financial Report Quality Monitoring Committee of the California State Board of Accountancy.

The California Board of Accountancy (CBA) works to protect consumers by maintaining high standards for the licensing of professional accountants. The organization currently regulates over 98,000 licensees.

At a CBA meeting in January, the only state senator currently licensed as a CPA in the California Legislature John Moorlach was invited to speak on his experiences as a CPA and how that interacted with his political interests.

In addition, James W. Brackens, the vice president of Ethics and Practice Quality at the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants was invited to present with Maria Caldwell, the director of compliance service and chief legal counsel at the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. The two spoke on auditing employee benefit plans in California and gave attendees the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions.

The CBA welcomed these distinguished presenters for their willingness to share their unique expertise and give their members a chance to listen to their stories and discuss the useful information they provided.


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