The Function of the CBA Report Quality Monitoring Committee

California Board of Accountancy pic
California Board of Accountancy

James Kasim draws on two decades of experience in corporate accounting. Earlier in his career, James Kasim worked as a senior manager within the Ernst & Young Kenneth Leventhal Group, in addition to serving on the California Board of Accountancy’s Financial Report Quality Monitoring Committee.

For over 100 years, the California Board of Accountancy has worked to ensure the provision of trustworthy, quality accounting services to California consumers. With over 97,000 licenses under its authority, the CBA maintains the United State’s largest group of licensed accounting professionals and firms. It regulates both entry into the accounting profession and conduct among its practitioners, relying on internal systems such as the Report Quality Monitoring committee to carry out its governance.

Under Section 87.6 of CBA regulations, the Report Quality Monitoring Committee possesses the authority to collect and review financial reports to ascertain a licensee’s compliance with accounting and financial reporting regulations. Chosen via referral from separate CBA committees or through regular statistical sampling, licensees who are under Committee review must submit the financial report in question, as well as all associated financial statements, footnotes, and supplementary data within 30 days of the committee’s request. Should the Report Quality Monitoring Committee find a licensee to be in violation of CBA reporting standards, the individual maybe required to pursue continuing professional education as outlined in section 87 of the CBA regulations.


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