Unique Los Angeles Road Bike Routes

Bike Routes pic
Bike Routes
Image: peacebicycles.com

With over two decades of experience as a certified public accountant in the state of California, James Kasim is a results-driven executive concentrating in capital markets, investor relations, debt structuring, and more. Currently residing in Southern California, James Kasim is an avid cyclist and enjoys riding his road bike in his free time.

Incorporating the LA River Bike Path, the nine-mile Griffith Park Bike Loop is regarded as the city’s largest park, with cultural attractions along the way like the Greek Theater, Griffith Observatory, and the LA Zoo. Bicyclists can enter the park on the north side via Riverside Drive or south side through Los Feliz Boulevard to enjoy the tree-lined loop.

A real test of endurance for road cyclists is the steepest road in Los Angeles: the Fargo Street Hillclimb. Classified as “difficult,” this route starts at Echo Park and goes straight up 300 feet. Although it only takes a half-hour to do the complete loop, it is one of the most vertical streets in California.


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