Effective Selection of a CPA

Jim Kasim
James Kasim

Certified Public Accountant James (Jim) Kasim has experience as a CFO, treasurer, adjunct professor, and senior manager in the real estate and tax sectors. Outside of his professional work, James Kasim has also served on the Report Quality Monitoring Committee of the California State Board of Accountancy, which is a governmental agency that administers CPA licenses and provides oversight of the accountancy profession in the state.

In addition to its oversight work related to CPA licensing, the California State Board of Accountancy also serves as a consumer advocate and makes guidance available to the public on choosing a CPA to work with. This advice includes:

Checking the CPA’s license status on the board’s website to ensure it is in good standing, and whether or not any enforcement actions have been made in the past.

Conducting a thorough interview of the CPA, and discussing any continuing education to ensure it is relevant to the specific work needed.

Ensuring the CPA is experienced and qualified in the specific accountancy work needed.

Fully reviewing the contract or engagement letter detailing the exact work to be completed by the CPA.


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