Effective Selection of a CPA

Jim Kasim
James Kasim

Certified Public Accountant James (Jim) Kasim has experience as a CFO, treasurer, adjunct professor, and senior manager in the real estate and tax sectors. Outside of his professional work, James Kasim has also served on the Report Quality Monitoring Committee of the California State Board of Accountancy, which is a governmental agency that administers CPA licenses and provides oversight of the accountancy profession in the state.

In addition to its oversight work related to CPA licensing, the California State Board of Accountancy also serves as a consumer advocate and makes guidance available to the public on choosing a CPA to work with. This advice includes:

Checking the CPA’s license status on the board’s website to ensure it is in good standing, and whether or not any enforcement actions have been made in the past.

Conducting a thorough interview of the CPA, and discussing any continuing education to ensure it is relevant to the specific work needed.

Ensuring the CPA is experienced and qualified in the specific accountancy work needed.

Fully reviewing the contract or engagement letter detailing the exact work to be completed by the CPA.


Ways to Improve Investor Relations

Investor Relations pic
Investor Relations
Image: inc.com

James Kasim, a graduate of USC’s Marshall School of Business, focused his career on real estate and finance. After serving as senior manager at Ernst & Young for 12 years, Jim accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer at Pacific Properties Trust, Inc. Apart from leading the company’s merger and formation transactions, James Kasim was also responsible for establishing investor relations.

Here are some ways to strengthen investor relations:

Encourage board participation. Big companies often delegate a team of executives, such as the chairman, CFO, or managing director, to lead investor relations (IR) activities. Despite the involvement of top-level management, the whole board should also participate in IR activities, by such means as including investor relations issues in meeting agendas.

Recognize investor value. A major factor in investor selection is funding capability. But apart from providing business capital, investors are also mentors who often share their expertise and invaluable insights. Recognizing their value benefits the company, since investors can help accelerate the business as long as they are given a voice.

Communicate regularly. Not all investors require constant reports on the company’s progress. However, sending regular updates is a way of acknowledging them for their contribution to the company’s development.

Tips for Buying A Bike Frame That Fits

Bike Frame pic
Bike Frame
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James Kasim, often referred to as Jim by friends, is a Certified Public Accountant who has served on the Report Quality Monitoring Committee of the California State Board of Accountancy over the course of his more than two-decade-long career. He is also an experienced cyclist who tries to ride at least once a week. Cyclists need to find bike frames that fit to enjoy comfortable rides and reduce the risk of injury. These tips will show you how.

1. Size differentiations between brands is fairly common, so don’t rely solely on the numbers when making your decisions.

2. Body shape plays as much of a part as height when selecting a frame size. Two people who stand at 6 feet tall may have arms of different lengths, for example.

3. Consider changing other components of the bike to suit your ride position. Switching the stem can adjust the height of the handlebars, plus most bikes allow for saddle height adjustment. Don’t assume that a frame doesn’t fit your body without trying to make these small adjustments first.

The Steps To Become a CPA in California

California Society of Certified Public Accountants pic
California Society of Certified Public Accountants
Image: calcpa.org

Over the last six years, James “Jim” Kasim has maintained responsibilities as chief financial officer and treasurer with a commercial real estate firm. Complementing his professional work, James Kasim holds the designation of a certified public accountant (CPA) in the state of California.

Financial professionals working in California may gain licensure as a CPA through the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA). However, these individuals must complete several steps in order to earn and maintain this designation.

Before sitting for the CPA exam itself, professionals must fulfill a number of education requirements. Each individual must hold a bachelor’s degree complete with 150 credit hours, including classes in areas like ethics, accounting study, and business. They then become eligible to sit for the CPA exam. If they pass, then they must work under a CPA for one year and obtain 500 additional hours in accounting experience before applying for licensure as a CPA.

Certification does not end once individuals receive their licenses. Every two years, CPAs are required to undergo 80 hours of continuing professional education (CPE), with over half of these hours in such areas as accounting and financial consulting.